Smiler's friends facilitated by The Climbers' Club presents

Smiler's Wake

2019-08-10 18:00 - 23:00 @ The Celtic Royal Hotel


Smiler's Wake

Entrance and buffet for one person

£13.25 (+£2.65 VAT)
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Event Details

Sadly, our great friend Smiler passed away on 2nd May.

To celebrate his life in the mountains, we invite all his friends to an evening of illustrated talks and a buffet meal.

The Celtic has ample car parks, but being a town centre location, an electronic permit system operates. No barriers, you just park your car, go to reception and type in your registration number. The hotel is an old establishment with a quaint feeling of Victoriana. It also has a big bar, and comfortable lounges for just sitting and chilling.

If you wish to stay the night at the Celtic, we have been offered discounted nightly rates of £115 per room for single/double/twin rooms, compared with the current internet price of £161. A triple room is £126.00 or family room (2 adults + 2 children) £137.00. Contact them on 01286 674477 or [email protected] quoting “Smiler’s Wake”. In case of problems ask for “Sian”.

The date is high summer, so accommodation may not be easy to find. If you prefer budget accommodation (climbing hut), but have difficulty finding a hut which will take bookings from individuals, we may be able to help - contact Dave Wilkinson on [email protected] or 0121 358 3391.

Smiler's Wake

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Smiler's friends facilitated by The Climbers' Club

This event is organised by Smiler's friends and facilitated by The Climbers' Club.

The Climbers’ Club was founded in 1898 and is a national club whose objectives are to encourage mountaineering and rock-climbing, and to promote the general interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment.

We welcome applications for membership from committed and experienced climbers.

Smiler had been a member of The Climbers' Club since 1972 and he had served the club in the following committee positions:
Membership Secretary 1978-1981
RW Lloyd Custodian 1978-1981 & 1983-1993
Hut Sub-Committee 1978-1981 & 1983-1993
Committee 1983-1985 & 1989-1993
Hut Procedures Sub-Committee 1983-1984
Editor 1991-1997
Publications Sub-Committee 1991-1997
President 2007-2010

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